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What do they do?

Our system connects you with other travelers, based on the time and locations of your travel, and at the same time with all transport companies operating in the areas of your trip. To achieve this, we use demand responsive transport techniques as a tool which we provide to any transport company that uses Shuttle Planet. We promote shared mobility, tourism and sustainable travel through technology and innovation. We always make sure you get the best price and value for your travel.

Find and hop on an already existing ride or schedule your own trip. Your schedule will be visible to small and large companies alike, to get the best value option for your trip! By sharing the trip you not only split the cost of it to yourself and others substantially, but you also get to form new friendships and reduce pollution and congestion at the same time Door-to-door, hub-to-hub, on-demand rides, pre-booked rides, and everything in between.

Where can you find them? England and EE.UU.


Do you want to know more?

If you are interested in this startup and would like to know more about them or want to invest in this project, write to and we will get in touch with you.