What do they do? Dribo is a mobile app that helps you to get your driving license, only with your mobile. With Dribo, the user learns the theory, processes the documentation to do the theoretical exam and reserves and pays the driving practices from the App....



¿A qué se dedican? CycleSmartCity optimize the existing infrastructures in the cities, like the bike network or bus and turning them into mobile nodes of measurement of the city. We do this through the installation of connected environmental sensors. This mobile measurement allows us to collect...



What do they do? ChipiApp is an application that integrates and compares in real time all mobility operators in the city (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga), giving the user the optimal option to reach their destination. Through Chipi the user can: Compare prices and waiting times in Uber, Cabify...



¿What do they do? Headquartered in Madrid, and serving the needs of our business, travel and personal clients throughout the area, Choffers is an independently owned and operated car hire service focused on providing a higher level of service to meet the needs of our clients...

B Racing


What do they do? BeRacing is an App connected to a wireless device equipped with several sensors for perfect detection of performance. Where can you find them? Cádiz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMBo1zhky5o You want to know more? If you are interested in this startup and would like to know more about them or...

Alfred Chofer


What do they do? Alfred is a driver service on demand that drives you when you don't want or can' tdo it. Whether it's sickness, age, alcohol, or you don't have time. For companies is a way to offer delivery services of the vehicles. Where can you...

2 system


What do they do? Software Development for the most appropriate solution. Are you looking for a high quality software development to help you work smarter, serve your customers better, or expand your reach? We have the tools to get you there. Where can you find them? Spain,...