Parc - Connected Mobility Hub


What do they do? Parc is an app that help people parking their car, by connecting people who own a garage but it is not using it and someone who searches for a parking spot. [embed][/embed] Where can you find them? Barcelona, Spain Do you want to know more? If...

Zeleros - Conneceted Mobility Hub


What do they do? Zeleros is working in the development of the first hyperloop system with levitation and propulsion technologies fully integrated into the capsule, not in the tube, achieving speeds up to 1000km/h with low energy consumption. This advantage allows for minimizing infrastructure costs up...

Hoop Carpool Connected Mobility Hub

Hoop Carpool

What do they do? Hoop Carpool is a Madrid company of sustainable mobility that promotes carpooling within the city. They have developed a project that optimizes the occupancy rate of vehicles by connecting drivers and passengers to share trips. Where can you find them? Madrid, Spain Do you...

TrayecX - Connected Mobility Hub


Where can you find them? Almeria, Spain Do you want to know more? If you are interested in this startup and would like to know more about them or want to invest in this project, write to and we will get in touch with you. ...

Agilia - Connected Mobility Hub


What do they do? Agilia is specialized in software development and integration technologies. They focused on custom software development, algorithms, big data, web design, e-commerce, complex integrations, and innovation labs. Where can you find them? Seville, Spain Do you want to know more? If you are interested in this startup...

Chargick Connected Mobility Hub


What do they do? Chargick is the first platform based on Artificial Intelligence that recommends, configures the charging solution that best suit the user needs, and connect it to Chargick network of trained and certified Installers to carry out the user´s installation with just one click. As...

HomyHub Connected Mobility Hub


What do they do? The garage is now no longer a place only for your car, boxes or your bike. The possibilities are endless, and HOMYHUB makes them possible for you. HOMYHUB’s mission is to unlock the full potential of garages to make them a valuable space...

Smart Monkey Connected Mobility Hub

Smart Monkey

What do they do? They want to make logistics smarter. Using Machine learning and AI, they are able to automate complex decisions in seconds. SmartMonkey wants to grow its position as a global market leader in the logistics optimization industry through automatization and learning from customer’s behaviors. Where can you find them?...

Motoreto Connected Mobility Hub


What do they do? Motoreto is an automotive marketplace that connects exclusive professional sellers to buyers who are looking for pre-owned vehicles or insurance, finance, maintenance, and extra services for their cars. The buyers can save time and money by requesting on demand any of those...


ChainGo Tech

What do they do? ChainGO Tech is a company created with a specific vision: provide documentation and logistics solutions focused on international trade and transport. Combining supply chain and Blockchain technology, ChainGo Tech has launched our flagship product: ChainGO Freight - The most innovative software to upload...