What do they do? Globalvia is one of the world leaders in the management of transportation infrastructure concessions, occupying the top positions in terms of number of concessions. Where can you find them? Spain You want to know more? If you are interested in this startup and would like...

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  What do they do? Connects users with delivery drivers nearby. Where can you find them? Portugal You want to know more? If you are interested in this startup and would like to know more about them or want to invest in this project, write to and we will get...



What do they do? Exclusive parking for motorbikes, bicycles or scooters for minutes or long stays, open 24h and with its own ticket office. We reinvent the concept of parking, offering a revolutionary service where you can leave your motorbike safely and your equipment. Where can...

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What do they do? Platform that Connects Vehicle Owners with Workshops & Insurance Brokers Technology for the Management of Documents, Expenses, Contacts & Vehicle Expirations The Largest Customer Acquisition Tool in the After-Sales and Auto Insurance Sector Ever Developed Where can you find them? Spain Do you want...

Discoperi - Connected Mobility Hub


What do they do? DISCOPERI Inc. is a startup company fighting for making roads safer. Three main problems DISCOPERI deals with: lower traffic deaths and injuries caused by risky drivers (drunk, on-drugs, destructed); a lower number of stolen cars; and high efficiency of road control. Where can...

Sharo - Connected Mobility Hub


What do they do? Sharo Technologies is an early stage startup developing an innovative Smart Mobility Management platform that provides institutions and organisations a set of tools and a highly automated process to collect and analyse their employees travel habits and challenges. Once they have always-up-to-date...

Solum - Connected Mobility Hub


What do they do? Solum PV is a Start-up company whose core business is the design and procurement of clean energy solutions for smart cities. They provide customer-tailored product from different markets: Urban Mobility, Logistics, Construction and Urban Infrastructures. Solum PV core value lies in its in-house developed technology....

My Street Book - Connected Mobility Hub

My Street Book

What do they do? MyStreetBook is the first digital recommender of personalized routes that connects the emotions and tastes of each of us with the places we live or visit, making them coincide with external variables such as opening hours, transportation, accessibility or rates.  MyStreetBook is...