Tallerator Connected Mobility Hub


What do they do? Tallerator is an online platform to repair and maintain automobiles. You can choose your mechanic workshop through a valuation process based on the opinions of the clients and intern exams. Where can you find them? Malaga, Spain. Do you want to know more? If you...

TrayecX - Connected Mobility Hub


Where can you find them? Almeria, Spain Do you want to know more? If you are interested in this startup and would like to know more about them or want to invest in this project, write to info@connectedmobilityhub.com and we will get in touch with you. ...

Agilia - Connected Mobility Hub


What do they do? Agilia is specialized in software development and integration technologies. They focused on custom software development, algorithms, big data, web design, e-commerce, complex integrations, and innovation labs. Where can you find them? Seville, Spain Do you want to know more? If you are interested in this startup...

Chargick Connected Mobility Hub


What do they do? Chargick is the first platform based on Artificial Intelligence that recommends, configures the charging solution that best suit the user needs, and connect it to Chargick network of trained and certified Installers to carry out the user´s installation with just one click. As...

HomyHub Connected Mobility Hub


What do they do? The garage is now no longer a place only for your car, boxes or your bike. The possibilities are endless, and HOMYHUB makes them possible for you. HOMYHUB’s mission is to unlock the full potential of garages to make them a valuable space...

Make my day

Make my day

What do they do? Make My Day is a car software system that uses an algorithm and big data in order to provide the optimal route for the EV drivers and connect the driver with businesses, as they combine the driver's calendar and his errands with...

Travel AI


What do they do? TravelAI is a team of 9 entrepreneurs and developers with a common obsession about improving journey times and travel experiences. They were the first to automatically detect travel mode with smartphones and we’ve since welcomed entrants including Apple, Google, MIT and more...

Mitmynid Connected Mobility Hub


What do they do? MITMYNID is a software that offers the best answers to each individual demand, as their software and services integrate all types of solutions and allow interconnection between them. They developed BIZCARGO.com, an online marketplace to search and compare the best transport and logistics services with...

Smart Monkey Connected Mobility Hub

Smart Monkey

What do they do? They want to make logistics smarter. Using Machine learning and AI, they are able to automate complex decisions in seconds. SmartMonkey wants to grow its position as a global market leader in the logistics optimization industry through automatization and learning from customer’s behaviors. Where can you find them?...

Shuttle Planet Connected Mobility Hub

Shuttle Planet

What do they do? Shuttle Planet has a system that connects you with other travelers, based on the time and locations of your travel, and at the same time with all transport companies operating in the areas of your trip. They are a company operating in shared mobility...