We help to create synergies between startups and corporates from the mobility sector.

How do we help?

From Connected Mobility HUB we work to create synergies between startups and mobility corporates analyzing what innovation needs does a corporate have and searching for the startup able to supply this innovation or technology. We are convinced that if the different actors collaborates between each other, we can achieve great things.

Open Innovation Programs

We create open innovation programs where corporates, startups and public administration can participate with the aim to find solutions to certain problems or challenges. We will be launching a new open innovation program in Madrid focused in shared and multimodal mobility.


We arrange workshops about concrete problems or opportunities with startups and corporates. To understand main challenges and find the right solutions for each issue, with different stakeholders.

We provide investment

We create investment opportunities in southern european startups focused on providing technological solutions to the mobility problems. Our aim is to create links between southern european mobility startups and investment funds from throughout the world. The event aims to become a global platform to generate opportunities.

Pilots (POC-Proof of Concept)

We promote pilots between startups and corporates where the startup provide innovation as a solution to a corporate problem or opportunity. Examples of pilots that we have promoted:

  • Personalized carsharing for a major auto retail dealer.
  • App for a post-sale company that offers greater visibility and transparency of its service.
  • Reward system that promotes sustainable mobility in a large multinational.
  • Concept test of a new vehicle focused on the last mile.
  • Artificial vision system for semi-automated traffic management at intersections.
  • Shared parking system for carsharing in city centers.