What do they do?

Solum PV is a Start-up company whose core business is the design and procurement of clean energy solutions for smart cities. They provide customer-tailored product from different markets: Urban Mobility, Logistics, Construction and Urban Infrastructures.

Solum PV core value lies in its in-house developed technology. The Solar Pavement SSZ.

The SSZ is a 100% walkable pavement that can be installed at any free space of the city and provides clean energy with an efficiency similar to a Photovoltaic Module. This technology allows us to power any electronic solution placed in the streets, squares and other free spaces of the city.

One of their first product is a charging station for electric vehicles with no need for grid-connection works, without disturbing the citizens’ transit or the city’s aesthetics.

This product is aimed to any company that uses an electric fleet, for whatever reason (shared mobility, logistics…etc.) for who having charging stations in the heart of the city can provide value for their current services and clients.

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Do you want to know more?

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Solum - Connected Mobility Hub