Building the innovation ecosystem to accelerate the transformation of mobility.

Our Mission

We articulate a change model by relying on a comprehensive community of startups, corporates and cities, executing mobility innovative projects that boosts the transformation of the industry.



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Our Change Model

What We Do

We activate ecosystem. Creating events, Networking spaces and Active positioning.


We develop and maintain relationships with specialist mobility investors and more generalist fund with an interest in mobility startups. We actively distribute information about our associated startups to the aforementioned partners. We host an annual Investor Event focused on mobility for our startups to attend.


We analyze corporate’s innovation needs seeking for startups who can fill that gap and we promote pilots between them. But our work doesn’t end here, we also help to close partnerships between these corporates and startups in a long term.


The CMH Accelerator Programs is driven by mentors, project managers, partners and large corporations that work hand in hand with the entrepreneurs.

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Sergio Díez

Sergio Díez

Co-Founder – Open Innovation

Tom Horsey

Tom Horsey

Co-Founder – Investment

Luis Morales

Luis Morales

Public Projects Relations

Ángeles Porzio

Ángeles Porzio

Community Builder

Andrea Ruggiero

Andrea Ruggiero

Marketing & Communications

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